When we were in London, and Zara and Anneke were out at Harry Poter Warner Bros Studios, Liam and I took Bailey to the Shrek Adventure down by the London Eye. We hadn’t planned on doing it but if you are even thinking about it (might I suggest you plan to buy tickets together with those for the London Eye and/or Madame Tussades). We weren’t sure if we would do all of these and in the end we did all three but paid seperately for each one – whereas you get great discounts buying the packages.

As for the Shrek Experience, Bailey loved it! I on the other hand wasn’t blown away by it. Maybe I was just tired or not in the mood but overall it was okay. But I guess I am not the target market and if you have little ones, I am sure they will enjoy it (but I do think older kids may prefer something else). Bailey’s favourite bits were some of the one liners that the characters said (especially Sleeping Beauty) and the rats in the dungeon (you have been warned!).

Also, the photo opps at the end were great fun!

OVERALL RATING *** If you are nearby, I would say do it – but no need to make a special trip for it!