I love shopping but to be clear, it is very niched: I love homeware, decorations and the like, and not so much fashion and jewellery, so this review is totally biased as I am sure there are amazing stores in Luzern that cover the latter. Nonetheless, if you are looking for unique homeware or gifts then you will want to pop into these shops:

CHANGEMAKER – This store is something special as all of their products are ethical and have a story. I immediately fell in love with the shop on my first visit as one of their main product lines were hand made frames by Luna Design from South Africa. Other worthy mentions include: Areaware, Anne Claire Petit, Werkhaus, Holstee, Snurk and also from South Africa: Wonkiware and Consol Glass.

POMPIDOU – What I love about this store is that every season they decorate the entire shop in a seasonal theme. They take it to the enth degree by even lining the backing of the bookcase shelves in matching wallpaper. All of the homeware and the jewellery mirror the look, so it is hard not to want to re-do your entire room everytime the season changes as they make it all so lovely. And then you can even co-ordinate your look with that of your surroundings as their jewellery and scarves are perfectly matched.

BOX – I actually didn’t even know the name of this shop, all I know is it is between Manor and Coop City and just before (or is it after Butlers?). Either way, I find it everytime and it has lots and lots of fun, quirky gifts. Many of the brands I used to carry in my shops, so it is nice that I can still buy a few of the things that made me smile and I am always finding something not so serious for the girls or Liam: think Christmas stocking fillers or Fathers Day gags or just because!

PS: I have to add that this little shop review is a little list of shops I love, but just so there is no misunderstanding, my favourite, favourite store in the whole of Switzerland above all others is Globus! (And their summer theme of Discover Portugal has many already planning a trip to Lisbon! and a dinner party along Portuguese food lines).