As is the case with any Swiss town, you will want to pop into a bakery (or two) and try out their freshly baked goods. My recommendations in Luzern are:

HEINI There are a few of these bakeries in town so you will be sure to spot at least one. My favourite is the one located at Falkenplatz – in the heart of the Old Town. Here you can have a full brunch in an old fashioned tea room with all the food served on a tall tiered tray!

BACHMANN This bakery is easy to spot as it is has the bright pink lettering. Everything they make (and there is a huge variety) is good. But my highlights are their sweet things: they do proper cupcakes, mini macaroons and their amazing and very funny seasonal Chocolate Easter Bunnies. If it’s not a special occasion and you after something sweet, I’d go for the Berliner! Plus: this a great spot to pick up some sweet Luzern souvenirs: Luzerner Chatzestreckerli, Macaron de Lucerne, Luzerner WasserturmStein, Luzerner Schoggi Türmli and Luzerner Lebkuchen.

BACKEREI HUG There are also a few of these about town and whilst I can’t think of a specific baked good that makes them unique, everything they make is done perfectly. I think I have a soft spot for this bakery as they opened a fancy version in Rotkreuz where the décor was the smartest thing I had ever seen done for a bakery. Case in point: the artwork was a hand stitched map of Switzerland. Which reminds me, did you know that every canton has their own bread? The dark bread loaf of Luzern (sold at all bakeries) can be described as having a crispy crust, a crumb with a delicate taste, and eventhough the colour would suggest, it is not a sour bread. You will also want to try out their Pear Bread which tastes great with cheese.