My favourite store in Switzerland is Globus and this Spring they once again have me giving them all of my money. Their Greenhouse theme is just gorgeous and I have totally fallen for the 2017 theme of “greenery” full force now.

Here are a few of my favourite things…

The wallpaper that is featured on the cover is to die for. I am not sure if they sell it as I didn’t see it at the Luzern store and they don’t usually sell wallpaper but I’m hoping by chance Zurich decides to have it. I’ve been toying with the idea of changing out our wallpaper in our diningroom and this could be the replacement!

The dresses are all floral-ly so I am thinking that I may have to go this route for the girls Holy Communion.

I was already saying to Liam last week I want to look for new lounge cushions and it is as if Globus had heard me – I bought 6 of these but now our TV room is also begging, so I may need to go back.

I tried really hard not to buy anymore crockery but seriously there was no way I was leaving without a leaf platter or two – and they were well priced.

Last year I started collecting Quail ceramics which I buy from the UK, so you can imagine how delighted I was to pick up some in store and save on the delivery (well, that was my excuse!).

These gold napkin rings are pricey but I thought they would make for memorable and long lasting Easter gifts for each of us. I wish they had even more options but maybe it was a good thing I just stuck to a few.

I love this table idea: wildflowers hanging overhead, an all-white linen tablecloth and pretty pale ceramics. Don’t be surprised if you see this idea pooping up in a future portfolio. The ceramics are beautiful but are also quite expensive and I saw similar ones at Interio and IKEA also had soft pink and mint tableware so holding off on these.

There is no way I can rationalise buying an apron – I have never worn one except when forced to in Home Economics class but I love the dark green background with the little embroidered veggies, so thinking this coud be good inspiration for printables.

I am a plant killer, so I am putting off buying potted herbs until I actually would need them for a shoot that way if they die the next day at least I have immortalised them in print. I loved the ceramic pots and I am keen to do a little DIY of some of the Rice ones that had phrases on them like I WILL SURVIVE and PLEASE DON’T KILL ME.

At first I was like why would anyone want garden themed Christmas decorations but then I saw they had them displayed inside Consol Glass Solar Jars – genius! And then that got me thinking to using them on a cake as decoration. And so I left with a mini green watering can which I am going to display with a bunny on my Easter cake. Which also got me thinking about the candles and whilst I will never use a gnome candle in the garden I am pretty sure he would look awesome on a cake! So in he went too! (Clearly it was time to leave the store!).

Having seen this campaign I am even more keen to do a Portfolio Photo Shoot along the lines of “Meatless Mondays” and this shot has me all excited even for the foodie ones. And an excuse to go back to Globus real soon!