A Covid silver-lining… whilst staying at the Belmond La Residencia in Deia, Mallorca, we decided to take a Cooking Show and Class and were spoilt by having the Executive Chef Guillermo Méndez as our personal teacher. And he pulled out all the stops and shared some of his most guarded recipes and secrets 😉

First we learnt how to make proper #Gazpacho

Then we had a little olive oil masterclass… including trying the hotel’s very own.

And here is the Chef’s best kept secret… olive 🫒 oil ice cream 🍨! I know it sounds different but it is so so good! 😋 #oliveoil #oliveoilicecream

The main course and event was to learn how to make proper #paella and you can be assured that the next day the first thing Liam bought in the market was a paella stand and dish 🥘 (luckily he brought his biggest suitcase 🧳 and not that many clothes). #paella

And just when we thought the class couldn’t get any better, the Chef let us try his brand new summer dessert that they were only launching that night on Instagram and to be part of their new summer menu when they reopen on May 17th. You need to check out their Instagram account for all the inspiration behind the dessert (I can’t do it justice here) and likewise words fail me to describe how good it tasted. The best part: it was all the Mallorcan desserts you would want to try from a menu but all served in perfect bite size forms and then each one just as good as the other… a taste adventure for sure and even the plate was custom made and inspired by the region… definitely 5 ⭐️ or should that be 5 chef kisses 👨‍🍳 😘 #belmond #belmondlaresidencia#mallorcanfood #deia #mallorca