I have only ever thrown one Mardigras party, and that was over 10 years ago as I remember Zara had just been born. I think I am going to plan another low key one but instead of a Dinner Party like I did last time, I am just going to go with sweet things aka pancakes for Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday celebrated in the UK and little mini King Cakes as a nod to the more New Orleans/Brazlian Style.

As I am in Switzerland, they too have Carnival or “Fasnacht” as it is called, but their colour scheme is like a rainbow and I’m going to go for the traditional purple, gold and green. When I was in South Africa I found strings and strings of beads and yesterday I found all of these great party supplies in COOP for half price – as they were left over from New Years. It really does pay to check out the January sales and stock up for future events. I know it is crazy but I have pretty much already decided on the girls party themes for this year too!