I hate New Year Eve, the expectations of having a good time are always too OTT for me. But I do love New Years Day! And specifically New Years Resolutions. I love making them and I am by no means great at them all, but if I make them, I do keep some. And if I don’t make any, I keep none. And yes! some is better than none.

I spent yesterday afternoon reading through a dozen articles about New Year Resolutions and not surprisingly most of them all follow along the same themes: loose weight, save money, travel more, learn a new skill etc… ha! I recognise myself in so many of them. The ones that really stood out for me though and were worth noting were the ones that were very specific. Ones that featured “numbers”, “dates” and “times”.

I have started a list of them (I have 80 so far) but my challenge is to break these down even more into “step” goals, goals that are bite sized, that can be started and hopefully achieved in a day, a week or a month. The idea being that broad, vague “long” goals are hard and I need to get the ball rolling so that after a month or two the few steps I have taken, start to look like leaps and I am motivated to keep going.

The idea then is to have a new new year’s resolution every day this year, 365! It seems like a lot but like I said they will be small, or just a step of a much bigger goal. And I will be sharing them here each day, that way I am “forced” to do them especially as I have been able to blog every day for the past few years.

Lastly, the past few years it has helped me to have an overriding “manifesto” for the year (a published declaration of the intention, motive, or view). Initially I liked the “New Year, New You” phrase and it suits the whole “1 Year, 365 New Years Resolutions” plan. But I have to say that when I saw the phrase “reinvent yourself”, I first dismissed it as “not for me”, something that scared me a little, something that I shied away from… and so naturally that is the best kind of manifesto to have! So my personal manifesto that I will recite to myself when I need a bit of a push for 2021 is to…