I love making plans and making lists. Nothing gives me more pleasure than striking things through when they are done. And usually I am quite successful at getting things done. And 2016 was a good year for Liam and I in terms of meeting our annual goal of “Getting Stuff Done”. So this year I wanted a new theme that would push me even more, so that come New Years Eve 2017/2018 I can look back and feel I have made the most of it.

I have been giving it a bit of thought for about two weeks or so, and one theme that stuck was “Getting Rid of Stuff”. I am trying to keep it broad so that it can cover all facets of one’s life and whilst I will be taking it in the literal sense, I am also planning to apply it spiritually, financially, physically etc.

Keeping this in mind, I followed this little “rhyme” that I also spotted online for having four main and memorable goals for 2017.

SOMETHING I NEED IN 2017 – I need to decide what will be “my job”?!? I realised early after having Bailey that I could “not just be a mom” and so I started In Good Company, and in 2016 working in Internal Audit again For my own sanity I need to have something else to focus on. What I did realise in 2016 that I do love having the traditional auditing job, 9 to 5 etc. I learnt that I was more focused, and I actually got a lot more done having a job than not having one. I was able to run my shops, run the house, look after the girls, plan great weekends and holidays, I was even healthier! But I struggled heavily with the office politics, I barely managed the two week work overseas trip (I missed the girls and Liam and our life too much) and I was very bleak about cutting two family vacations short, and I don’t know what I would’ve done if my Mom didn’t look after the girls in the April Holidays and luckily I didn’t have the job come the July and August Summer Holidays. I learnt that I need to find something that works for me but works AROUND my family.

The problem with such a search is that I don’t have to work for the reasons most people do. I easily have the option of doing nothing. But I know I can’t, so now the real challenge for 2017 is to find something that I love to do and something that has “value” to it, which I am beginning to think that if someone is not paying you to do it, they don’t value it. But I am sure there is something that I could do that doesn’t necessarily involve drama!

SOMETHING I WANT IN 2017 – Eventhough I have closed In Good Company, I still really enjoy doing the Wedding Inspirations Photo Shoots that I would organise and/or do. Usually, we would only do about four a year, so I would like to challenge myself to do 12. And then naturally, I want to continue to throw parties for our family and have these photographed and I think I would also like to try my hand at the photography side a bit more.

SOMETHING TO SHARE IN 2017 – Last year, I had the best time sharing big moments with Liam and the girls. I love parties, and whilst I can’t throw a party all the time, I realised I could use all my planning and researching skills to plan our weekends and holidays. And so we set two goals: 1 – To travel to all the Swiss Cantons and 2 – To travel to all the Seven Wonders of the World. And so this year, we are planning to continue with these…

SOMETHING TO SUCCEED IN 2017 – I could go on and on about this one, but I really need to succeed at loosing 12 kilograms. I am overweight, and I struggle to find nice clothes in Switzerland and most of the clothes that I have don’t fit properly. I was going to put this under NEED, but I am trying to keep it positive and permanent, so by making it seem like something SUCCESSFUL I hope that I will see this whole weight new years resolution thing in a new light.

While I have been typing this, I see that I am drawn to quantitfying my goals and 12 seems to be a bit of a theme. So here goes: I need to try 12 new “jobs” (be it work, hobbies, sport…) until I find the one I love. I want to do 12 photo shoots and 12 parties. I will share 12 travel destinations with my family. I will succeed at loosing 12 kilograms. Easy to remember, maybe some easier to acheive than others.

What are your New Years Resolutions? Are you any good at them?