I called my Mom to wish her Happy Mothers Day and before I could say anything she said “Happy Mothers Day” to me! And that pretty much sums up my Mom. Always having everyone else on her mind. I love you Mom and I know we are are oceans away but know that you are always on my mind, always in my head telling me not to drive so close to the car in front of me. Always telling me to check where the girls and the cats are. Always telling me to close the cupboard door and put the milk in the fridge. And have I put the washing machine on? And I find myself repeating your answers to the questions: I’m hungry – Have a yoghurt! I’ve a headache – Have a glass of water. I’m bored – Go tidy your room. You are with us everyday in the crocheted jumper Zara wore last week and in the “agapanthus” I identified at the nursery on Tuesday. I love you Mom and cant wait until we are back at Wimpy having milkshakes again! 💚 @emilysophialaidlaw