This year, I set out a goal similar to the previous year of making it a point to take lots of photos for In Good Company. Last year, I set the task of 24 projects and so to really push myself in 2018, I decided to double it. And I am happy to say this was something that I was able to do and I really enjoyed. Some were for specific projects for clients, others a second take of a real party that I hosted and then still others “just for fun” or were of our travels abroad.

Looking back, I enjoy seeing all the ideas that I was able to capture, here are a summary of the ones that I captured in the 2nd part of the year:

I haven’t yet decided what I will do next year in terms of my photography. I am possibly toying with the idea of doing the same, or taking it up a notch? We start our holidays next week, and I am hoping that this will be a good time to be inspired about what I would like to do in 2019. Have you started to think about 2019?