Like last year, I am making my New Years Resolutions along the lines of Something I Want to Do, Something I Need to Do (My Health Resolutions), Something to Share (our Swiss Family Travels) and Something to Succeed at (In Good Company, For Good Times, Swiss Family Chalet and Swiss Family Lodge).

This year is a BIG year for Liam and I as we both turn 40, as well as for our families as there are many birthday and anniversary celebrations happening! And so my “what do you want to do this year” resolution is PARTY! In addition to my own personal events (12), I am hoping to continue with my In Good Company photo shoots (24) and helping others with theirs through For Good Times (12), which I started last year. And so I’m coining 2019 – The Year of the Party and first up is:

JANUARY BIG GOAL – Zara’s 12th Birthday
Zara’s birthday was in December but last year we had the party in January and it worked out so much better. That way everyone has something to look forward to in the New Year and it is not “shadowed” by Christmas and the year end rush.

JANUARY MINI GOAL – Liam’s 40th Birthday Weekend
Next month is Liam’s 40th, so this month I will be in deep planning mode for his party weekend in Andermatt.

So looking forward to a year of fun with family and friends!