Yesterday, I shared the status update of my 2018 New Years Resolution for Travelling. Travel has and I think will always be one of my New Year Resolutions. I love it and by planning this time away, I know we then get to spend real quality time together as a family, time with our extended family who live so far away and in 2018 it was great to do trips with friends as well! So, this year (no surprise!) my SHARE goal is to:


BIG GOAL – See the Natural Wonder of the World
I have already started planning our 2019 Travels and whilst some still need to be finalised; our first one is an exciting one as we are now “Down Under” in Australia!

And now that we are officially in the year of 2019 and all flight bookings are open for 2019, I can finalise all of those that I had pending, as well as get cracking on our visas.