One of my New Years Resolutions was to prioritise my health; and so my NEED TO DO for 2018 was to loose weight and be more healthy and specifically I wrote here: NEED TO DO FOR JANUARY Gyni Visit for Mammogram and Pap Smear etc. and a Sugar Free Month.

And so I am giving myself a little pat on the back, as I achieved both. All went well at my annual gyni check up (yeah! I finally found one in Zug) and this was done in under half an hour. Not eating sugar for a month, however felt like FOREVER! But I have to say (and I know everyone says it) I did start to feel better after 3 days. And most days I didn’t miss it. It didn’t help though that when I ordered a coffee just about every coffee shop in town wanted to add a little chocolate or a cookie or a macaroon to the saucer. But I resisted!

So now I have to start thinking about my goals for February… I think I am going to continue my goal about avoiding sugar but specifically for the month I am going to:

NEED TO DO FOR FEBRUARY Give up Carbs for Lent (14 Feb – 29 March) and start taking a daily Multivitamin

EEEK! Let’s hope my willpower will continue to remain intact!