As part of my German lessons that I resumed this month at Soft Landing in Baar, I am learning all about Switzerland for my Swiss passport application. I am on Swiss 2.0. We first lived in Zurich for nearly 2 years, then returned to South Africa for a year or so and found ourselves back in Switzerland for our 2nd round. We lived in Rotkreuz for 5 years, Oberwil Bei Zug for 5 years and now Huenenberg 3 years this month – all within Canton Zug! So all in all we meet the first set of criteria: 10 in the country, 5 in the canton and 3 in the commune.

The next requirement is of course the language of your commune and for us that means German. I already have the official Goethe certificate for A1/A2 but need to do the A2/B1 one. I am hoping I already have the skill set to do it soon, but every time I go to classes I feel like I know even less! So we will see. If you are looking to do lessons or the exams and live in Zug, then the FMZug centre is the go-to place!

Next up is all about how much you know about Switzerland. Here I also thought I would be okay. But it turns out there is a lot I don’t know… so I have been studying the Swiss Geography, History and today Politics. I am hoping they don’t ask dates! But this set of “Switzerland in a Nutshell” books have been great (I bought them online from Bergli Books). The only things is I now need to learn all the terminology in German!

Back to the books I go, but will be sure to share more from my “Swiss classroom”.