When I started my 40 Things Before 40 Bucket List, I knew that travelling would be a huge part of it and I decided to set out to see 40 countries. And what I thought would be a lofty goal and most likely not going to hapen has ended up being my favourite and one that I have finished early. When I was young, we didn’t travel that much outside of Johannesburg, let alone to other countries! My first overseas trip was when I was 12 to the UK and I think the next were age 15 (Seychelles) and 22 (Thailand). Would you believe the 4th was me moving to actually live in another country! Fortunately, our move to Switzerland started the travel bug and ever since then Liam and I have made a point to go on as many trips as we can. Naturally, when I set the “40 countries before 40” goal two years ago, it has stepped up quite a bit. And I have to say the adage is true: “Travel is like knowledge, the more you see, the more you know you haven’t seen.”

Here is the A to Z list of where I have been:

1. Argentina
2. Australia
3. Austria
4. Botswana

5. Brazil
6. China
7. Croatia
8. Czech Republic

9. Denmark
10. Egypt
11. Finland

12. France
13. Germany
14. Ghana
15. Greece
16. Holy See
17. India
18. Israel

19. Italy
20. Kenya
21. Lesotho
22. Liechtenstein

23. Mauritius
24. Monaco
25. Nepal
26. Netherlands
27. Palestine
28. Peru
29. Seychelles
30. South Africa

31. Spain
32. Swaziland
33. Switzerland

34. Tanzania
35. Thailand
36. Turkey
37. United Kingdom

38. United States of America
39. Zambia
40. Zimbabwe

And what’s next? Part of 40 Things Before 40 list includes seeing as many Wonders of the World (ancient, modern, natural) so we have a few new countries coming up in the next year. Also, I know many will ask but how much have you seen of your own country? Well, that too is a goal on my list: Visit all 26 cantons of Switzerland. After the 40 Things list, my goal is to See all 9 of the South African Provinces with the girls and then next up I want to see all of the Schengen Countries! Like I said… the list just keeps getting longer!