One of my main reasons for planning our trip to Australia these past December holidays was I wanted to see and swim in the Great Barrier Reef before I was 40! I am not a sea person and definitely not a fan of the waves, the salt and “things” swimming around you! But I decided to put this fear aside and it was now or never as I just couldn’t imagine doing this in my older age!

Hamilton Island was definitely a highlight of our trip, besides three days of not so great weather; and the best part being taking a charter out to the Great Barrier Reef, and snorkelling in it! I am so glad I did it – and together with Liam and the girls. Definitely one for the books; but I still suffer from sea sickness, was exhausted after only an hour in the waves and swallowed a lot of sea water. So rest assured for the rest of the holiday I was firmly stuck to my poolside deck chair!