One of my goals for this year was to have my styling and photography published 24 times and more importantly help me reach my 40 Things Before 40 of having forty photo shoots published overall. I’m so happy that this goal was something that I achieved. Ever since I started my In Good Company in 2009 I have enjoyed most of all styling parties and the like, and then in 2016 I took a leap of faith and did a photography course. To say I was excited when my first full photo shoot was published where I did everything on my own was an understatement and the feeling just never gets old. I still have so, SO much to learn and most of all I need to take this moment to thank these amazing ladies for helping me with this hobby of mine: Taryne Jakobi, Vanessa Lewis, Carolina Caruso and Mary Fernandez. Here is a peek at all the shoots I did this year that were featured by Party Pieces, Talking Tables and Ideas Magazines – a huge shout out to them too, I am so, SO grateful. And I can’t wait to do more!