Initially my idea was to journal daily about each New Years Resolution that I was doing. However, as is to be expected life took over and I only did the first 10 days. I thought about just scrapping it but then I realised the whole point of goals is to find ones that work for you, and that they are not meant to be perfect, but rather you work at getting them right. I do think having an opportunity to write down my goals and their status and completion gives focus and accountability, so instead of a daily write up I am going to go for a weekly one.

The first 10 days of January as you can see by my journalling went well but I think with the lockdown and my shop closing mid-Jan I kind of lost focus. Also, and this is a bit of a top secret dream project I am working on has taken over my life at the moment. There is nothing concrete about the plan, and it is something that might only come into fruition in the next 5 years, 10 years or never. But as I have a lot of downtime now (the shop is only allowed to open in March!) and there is not much going on in terms of family life (no social gatherings), no travel etc. it is a good time for me to delve deep into this “dreaming” phase.

I’d like to say I accomplished other things the past three weeks, but to be honest it has just been a lot of little things: cooking, tidying up, spending time with the girls. I probably need to create some specific goals for this month in these areas. I will look into about two or three and then yes! carry on with my dream project dreaming!