As we are home this month and the girls have one week of Fall Holidays, I decided we need to create an Autumn Bucket List to make this month something to look forward to and to embrace the cooler season.

I printed off these little mini note cards (you can too) and we brainstormed some ideas of fun things that we can do together. Here is our list so far – do you have any favourite things you like to do in the fall?

Autumn Mini Note Cards

1 Autumn means one thing in Switzerland and that is Chilbi Season; which are basically mini fun fairs that are held in every town over a few weekends during the month. This year I am keen to head to the one in Luzern as they have a large ferris wheel, but really it is to go to stock up on all the yummy fun fair snacks: roasted chestnuts, candy floss and “magenbrot” – which is like mini pieces of soft ginger cake.

2. A few weeks ago friends of ours went to the ice hockey and had a great time, so I definitely think we need to take the girls for their first time and support our local team!

3. Last week the girls’ went on a school Fall Hike, which is something they do every year, so I think I need to organise an annual Family Fall Hike. The idea being that we head to Andermatt and go for a bit of a walk about. It’s not going to be hectic, but I was thinking we could collect lots of different leaves, branches and nuts etc. to do a bit of leaf art when we get back home.

4. Plus, all the extra foliage we can use to create some fall decorations for the rooms and for the dining room table, as I am hoping to make a full on family feast on one of the days. We are going to try and make a proper sweet and savoury pie. Wish me luck. this is going to be a first!

5. Visit a new museum (we are thinking of heading to the National Swiss Musuem in Zurich and as we need to go the SA Embassy in Bern, I see there is an amazing museum devoted to Paul Klee.

6. Read a classic book all together – I am thinking Anne of Green Gables and watch the movie series. Also, I’m reminded to watch Pollyanna with girls.

7. One bus ride away from us is the Goldau Tier Park, so keen to head there for an afternoon of animal spotting.

8. Every year, we head to Jucker Farm for lots of pumpkin and apple activities!

9. We’re planning to go out for brunch in Zurich so I was thinking the Fork & Bottle, but I am dying to try out Babu’s – I must just make sure to get a reservation. And as we are in the City, I want to hit the shops and buy the girls some winter accessories: scarves, hats, boots and a nice winter jacket.

10. It’s Garden Day in SA on the 15th, so thinking of having a mini Garden Day party too, only ours will require a bonfire, hot chocolate and smores cookies.

And then at the end of the month is Halloween, so I will have to start thinking of plans for that too! So far the idea is a Halloween Movie Night but I can’t watch anything too scary – any suggestions for pre-teen kids that won’t give them nightmares? Or me for that matter!