We are currently on holiday and before we left I found a great suggested packing list at Smarter Travel – that I thought you may want to download.

Over the years I have learnt to pack less and less… and my top 5 things that I always pack besides the passport/wallet/credit cards are as follows:

  1. Fancy sneakers – nowadays you can pretty much go anywhere with a good pair of kicks. The pair well with shorts, jeans and even dresses.
  2. Jeans – get a good pair, preferably dark blue – that way if you wear a glitzy top you can get away with wearing then during the day and at night when you go out.
  3. White oversized collared shirt – can be worn in the day, at night and even as a swimming pool cover up!
  4. Phone charger – there is not much you can’t solve by having a working phone on you (load all your contacts, credit card info, TWINT, COVID and medical info) etc. – that way you don’t need to carry lots of paperwork… and it doubles as a camera.
  5. Mascara – even if you forget your whole make up bag… this is sure to make you look like you put in a little bit of effort.

What are your five top things?