For the past three years, travelling has been high on my agenda and having taking it a bit slow staying in Switzerland this past Summer, I realised that I really miss exploring new places. Usually, I plan a year in advance where we will be going but for next year I actually haven’t booked anything yet! So now that the end of year is coming and I want to take full advantage of early booking especially flights, I am starting to think about where to go.

It is funny how in the past I was inspired by the Wonder of the Worlds and would you believe it: the annual World Calendar by Rifle Paper Co.? Anna Bond always manages to illustrate such beautfiul city maps or landscapes that I immediately knew this is where I wanted to go and often visiting many of the landmarks she sketched.

I had a look at her 2020 calendar and the artwork is divine and definitely my first choice of calendar for the year but in terms of travel plans I think I need to revisit past ones she did as this year save for Mexico City, I have frequented all of her cities of choice. Have you made 2020 travel plans yet? Any ideas?