And today a final few ideas for your Christmas Ugly Sweater Party… We’re super excited for the party Saturday, especially as Liam’s jumper just arrived in time – and this year it is a cracker!

Capture the craziness with a DIY Photo Booth. Set up a simple curtain backdrop, add some of Party Pieces photo booth props and you’ll have everyone fighting to get in on the goofy pictures.

Keeping in with the Christmas spirit and for an added dose of fun, play the White Elephant Gift Exchange. Request guests to each bring a gift within a set budget that they will exchange at the party with someone else’s gift. This is sure to get everyone excited, especially as well-informed guest givers will know this is the perfect opportunity to shop for gag gifts.

No Christmas celebration is complete without crackers and Party Pieces have the perfect sweater shaped ones that come complete with a little pressie, paper crown and the classic Christmas joke!

Now you are you ready to throw the best Christmas Party ever; and don’t be surprised if this becomes an annual event!