Last year I decorated our Dining Room at the Hunenberg House. This week I styled the room for the Natalie Walton Styling Course that I am currently taking part in. The dining room and it’s decoration is one of my favourite rooms. It is a narrow room and so my first step to make it more interesting, was to have the large back wall painted in a deep dark blue – Architect’s Finest Belem.

The bulk of the room is dominated by the large Dining room table and Wishbone Chairs I bought from Teo Jakob. This is then flanked by two apprentice style floor to ceiling shelves which I have filled with my blue and white ceramics collection. The items are from all over the world and every time i take a trip I add a souvenir to it.

My latest buy was this Mariachi band from Mexico however unfortunately the characters are too big and so I will need to find a new home for them. But for now I have them on my table as a centrepiece.

The collection of blue vases would you believe are all from IKEA and even two of them can be turned over to be a vase or flipped and tealight candle holders. For everyday decoration I have arranged Monstera leaves in them which are a perfect choice as they last forever – and I am even growing one alongside in teh corner of the room.

The highlight of the room is the commissioned paint we had done by Theresa Losa in the US. She specifically did this one “Lake People” for us and for me it was the perfect final touch to the room.