When I decided last year to close the In Good Company retail stores in Switzerland and South Africa, I knew that I still wanted to be involved in all things party. I did a bit of soul searching and realised that the parts that I loved most about the business and that which brought me the most joy were things that I could do without the pressure of having stores to run.

I loved coming up with a party theme, researching ideas, sourcing products and then making the party come alive by setting it up and having it photographed. I realised that doing the ad hoc photo shoots we did for magazines over the past 7 years had brought me so much joy and I was most proud of these. I remembered how creating my book For Good Times was really one of the best times I have ever had.

I also realised that creating party content for magazines, newspapers and blogs, is something that I could do right here in Switzerland, I could be 100% involved and I could hone my skills even more to not only do the planning and production, but also the styling and photography. And so, with this in mind, I started professional photography lessons and set my self goals to “just start” on the projects I dreamt about and stop worry about getting it “perfect”.

And so today, here is my not so “perfect” website redo: In Good Company – Stylish design and décor for print. I have yet to finish uploading all the past projects and some new ones I have been working on. I still need to fine tune the text for each project and add all the credits due mainly to the amazing photographer and stylist I worked with on so many of these (that’s you Vanessa Lewis and Taryne Jakobi). But it is a start of something that I hope is going to get better and better each month. I was so inspired by this article I saw yesterday and so I am hoping that a few years from now I will be able to do a 2017 vs. 2020 shot and be so glad that I just started!