Possibly you may have seen this popular Pinterest idea around Christmas time, but the gift giving idea is to limit you gifts for each child to four categories: Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. This idea has worked so well for me during the holiday season that I have ended up successfully using it for birthdays and even gifts for friends and families, especially when I’m not sure what to give. Sometimes one of the items will be the main gift and then the others cute and quirky. And when I am not sure what to give, I purchase a gift voucher for the “something you want” category and then as I hate just giving a gift voucher, I make the card the “something to read” and make sure to write a nice long personal message. For the “something to wear” I pick a fun party hat or badge and for the “something you need” I usually opt for chocolate because we all know that is a birthday essential!

If you like the idea too, here are some colorful tags to add to the parcels: a pink set, blue set and then a “girly” black and white one and a more simple black and white one – ideal for guy gifts.

Something Tags Pink

Something Tags Blue

Something Tags Black Script

Something Tags Black Bold

Happy giving!