Last month I mentioned that I would be sharing some last photos of our house as we pack up and prepare to move; as well as share some “Styling to Sell” steps. Whilst, we will only rent our house out, the tips apply to both renting and selling; and most importantly are simple things you can do that cost very little. First up is our Front of House.

FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT Over the past five years I have always managed to kill the plants and flowers in our entrance, and so I decided whilst not my first choice I would display some fake plants. I found these balls at Aldi last week for 13chf each (bonus!) and popped them in the blue pots that I bought a while back from Migros (that used to hold real hydrangeas that lasted less than a month!). Best of all, as they are in pots they are coming with me to the new house.

MATS MATTER Our Entrance Hall is actually quite small, but to create the allusion of a room, I moved around our narrow furniture pieces: an Interio ABC sideboard, a VITRA Charles Nelson bench and Ferm Living plant stands. Then to make it feel like a proper space, I added a textured rug and it made all the difference.

A HAT TRICK Most often I think the reason why hallways never seem to work is that the walls are not decorated; I however had over compensated for this and had lots of pictures in the space. Therefore to create more negeative space I left only the two black IKEA mirrors on the wall (bonus: they reflect the light from the front door window) and the art on the walls up and down the stairwells. And then to create some variation and for a quick fix I stuck a few hats on the wall. Easy and very cost-effective look!