Usually this room is a bit of a disaster, as here the girls study and play and I seem to deposit all my junk everywhere! I enthusiastically thought the painters were comeing in April; and so I removed all the art and all the shelves and now it turns out they only come in September. So last week I did a quick fix before the estate agent came and whilst not perfect, definitely an improvement.

GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE If you are moving I know it doesn’t make sense to buy anything for the old house, but by just adding a bit of greenery in pot plants the room seems so much more “liveable” and “friendlier” – and one gets to take them with the move. (This also saves one having to buy fresh flowers for show days).

PETHATE Whilst everyone loves their pets, be aware that everyone only loves their pets. Knowing this I made sure to hide everything remotely unsightly that belongs to the cats: their multiple food trays, food packets, litter tray etc. I did keep their tower out for this photo but it would probably be a good idea to pack this away too on show days.

SEEING DIFFERENT SPACES I shifted the furniture around in this room to showcase the various possibilities the room could cater for. Now the room is being used as a study, music room and playroom – with easy access for extending the play outdoors. But also, I think it is easy for prospective renters to see that the piano could easily be replaced with a bed (in fact a double could also squeeze in as would a sofa bed). I also snuck in a chest of wooden drawers behind the door, showing that if you did put in a bed and had to remove the white drawers, one could have a tallboy of drawers or narrow wardrobe behind the door. On the other side of the room, is the long desk that could also accomodate a full set of wardrobes or a mix of wardrobes, drawers or a small desk, as well. In fact, you could fit two single beds in the room – one on each wall.

PICTURE IT As mentioned before I was gungho taking everything off the walls and then was faced with no newly white painted walls but lots of old paint and nail holes in all the walls. So, for a quick solution and if you are not looking to repaint or professionally hang pictures; is to lean you art against the wall. Here I lent the girls’ pinboards against the wall by sitting them on top of their desks, not perfect but better. Other options include wall stickers, washing taping art and in the case where I did have some nail holes, I gently hammered in a tack nail and hung very light posters up on string.

CLEAR IT OUT The best thing I did in the room is to purge it! I tossed and donated everything that I was not willing to pack in a box. I already have packed up 90% of our stuff for when we will move, and what worries me is that I did this months ago and we don’t miss any of it? So it is possible that I still need to purge even more. But the room immediately looked better just by having less in it, so I can not recommend this enough – and bonus! you get a huge head start on your actual move!