As we are planning our move, I ended up not making too many changes to our main bedroom and bathroom. I did do a bit of culling in terms of clothing and excess/expired bathing products. But in terms of décor, I had a hard long look at all our bed linen and towels and everything that is worn, old and looking tired; was getting donated/tossed and then I asked myself the hard question: am I “really” going to use the items in the new house and when did I seriously use it last? This seemed to work and now I mostly only have the good stuff that I know I use often.

BRIGHT WHITE I also opted to get rid of any darkly coloured items, I fell in love with dark blue and so for our bedroom I bought sheets, duvets and even a large quilt. But I am the worst washer and so after a while the blue just didn’t look as great. I have learnt my lesson and this time round I opetd for all pale colours for the bed linen and towelling. It has worked out beautifully for Spring as now I room looks so bright and breezy.

GO GREEN The other change that has made a BIG difference in the space has been the addition of some green accents. I have no idea what the name of this tree but the best thing is that it only needs to be watered once a month!

NATURAL ACCENTS All our bathrooms are quite minimalstic: black floor tiles, white wall tiles, white drawers and black counters and large frameless mirrors. What has brought some warmth into the room are the natural accents I have added: the wooden towel ladder, wooden shelving, wooden frames, wooden beaded and ceramic hanging planters and even woven bowls for soap etc. have made the place feel less “cold”.