Like Bailey’s bedroom, I decided to get a start on moving Zara’s bedroom. I soon realised that most of her goodies are actually not going into the new room and so when I donated all her old furniture, I was stuck with just her bed (that we are keeping till we move). Fortunately, I found a great new set of drawers that I am using in my new studio that can sit in here for now, and then I hunted round the rest of the house for stand in pieces. I leaned the black mirror from the Gym, lay the pink rug from our Lounge, used an old Ghost chair as a side table (that has been sitting in our garage for five years – leftover from our old house) and her floral chair get’s to stay a little longer on it’s last leg – as literally it’s one leg is broken!

Suddenly without realising it, her room started to look completely different boasting a new colour scheme of pink, black and white. I decided to play this up and when I removed all the art from stairwell upstairs, I took out all the co-ordinating art, and hung it up on the nails still in the wall from her old galleries. If I was doing this proper I would have placed the art differently but this was a quick fix.

Then it was just a case of tossing and donating everything she doesn’t need, packing in boxes what she doesn’t need for 6 months and displaying what’s was left! Notice how ALL the soft toys NEEDED to stay behind!

PS I only just noticed how Ella cracks the nod in nearly all the photos!