Another cool new series I am starting for the In Good Company Design side of my blog is “Room of the Week”. I am hoping that every week I can share with you some of the design spaces that I have spotted online, in magazines and in real life that are inspiring me. Today’s one is a huge breath of fresh air and from our recent stay at Hotel Escencia in Mexico.

Everything about this hotel was amazing and I will be sure to share many details, but today I am keen to show you one of my favourite rooms at the resort. In between their jungle-like gardens they had this library and I didn’t want to leave!


1. The all white walls and floors have me wanting to find a place by the sea and doing exactly the same. I think it is a great solution where you want to avoid all the trappings of sand, salt and sea water. The enamel paint makes it easy to clean and the whole room feels (and looks!) cool. I have bookmarked this idea for sure for my “dream home by the seaside one day”.

2. The large glass windows and doors. Maximising the light is one of the main attractions of the room but I think that is also largely because the outside gardens are so pretty too – that there is no need to cheat the look with walls with art!

3. The high all white panelled ceiling opens the space, but I think even if the ceilings were flat and standard it wouldn’t distract from the loveliness of the space.

4. The monochrome palette. I love how they mixed the black soft furnishings and accents with warm wooden furniture. But also note the use of taupe couch, and the mix in the cushions.

5. The large wall to wall shelving is a great idea and I noticed that the hotel made many pieces of “furniture” actually part of the building structure. This is a great idea as it makes the space feel a lot less crowded. I also like how they kept the shelving only waist high and used the top half for decorative pieces, thereby not creating an overpowering wall on the one side.

6. Besides all the amazing vegetation outisde, the placement of large potted palms indoors and the palm floral arrangements definitely do a lot for the space too. I love this especially because it is something that anyone can do to their own home especially now that summer is around the corner.


7. Another part to the success of the room I think is the use of symmetery: you have the two butterfly chairs mirroring each other and the two palms on the one side. On the other side it more palms and those two giant pineapples (all the heart eyes!). Definitely, going to make a concious effort to put this more symmetry into practice more often. It works every time.

8. Lastly why I think this room is just so good, is that besides the pulled back neutral palette and amazing furniture choices, the addition of the pops of colour make it look “finished” and fun! Two of my favourite things that I am trying to make my signature style in all of my spaces.