Thanks to my friend Sharon, when the girls said they needed a pocket knife for Arts & Crafts I knew just what to do. A few months ago Sharon had visited with her kids the Swiss Knife Valley Visitors Centre and it is here in Brunnen (in canton Schwyz) that you can make your very own Swiss Army Knife.

You need to book your slot in advance, as only one person can go at a time and there are 15 minute time slots. There is a little work bench that has everything one needs to self assemble their knife. There is an assistant who helps you every step of the way and you can choose what you would like to have engraved on the side. Zara loved it; and as Bailey had a party Liam made her one for her birthday.

The centre also has a mini museum all about the Swiss Army Knife history and there is the flagship Victorinix store where you will find their complete collection of knives and goodies on sale.

We were in a bit of a hurry to pick up Bailey, but I would also recommend you planning to spend some time in the town of Brunnen. The lake is just over the road and many a boat were docking, so you could also enjoy lunch at one of the many restaurants on the shore or opt for one of the boat’s offerings.