For the past few days I have been testing out the Experiments that we will do at Zara’s Science Party. And for the first time, I was able to do some successfully the first try. These Balloon Experiments are pretty awesome, and are something that you can do with your kids anytime!

The Static Electricty Balloon Experiment – Blow up a balloon and hold it over a few pieces of scattered confetti. Nothing should happen. Now rub the balloon onto a wool blanket/jacket and then hold over the confetti. Ta-da! The confetti should be attracted to the balloon.

The “Bed of Nails” Experiment – Ever wondered why people can lie on a bed of nails or walk along a path covered in nails? Take a push pin and push a balloon onto the top of it. It should pop. Now place lots and lost of push pins all together and push the balloon on top. It shouldn’t pop. Now that the balloon is distributed over numerous points, it is less likely to be punctured and only with additional force is this possible.

The Candle & Balloon Experiment – Blow up a balloon and place over a candle flame. It should pop. Now full a balloon with water and tie the end. Place this on top of the candle flame, and you will see it won’t pop!

The Balloon Gas Experiment – This one was my favourite: Fill a balloon with baking soda (using a funnel). Then place some vinegar into a bottle. Carefully place the balloon ed over the top of the bottle (not tipping in any baking soda just yet). Now, tip all the baking soda into the vinegar inside the bottle. This chemical reaction will result in a gas being formed and will blow up the balloon!