I had a brainwave the other day when thinking about where to have Zara’s Science Party. I don’t know if it was because I have been agonising over the state of emergency that is our Garage or my concern about the experiments landing up on our lounge floor! But now that I am planning to have the party there I am finally starting to tidy up the garage, but it is winter here though, so I need to test if a heater will be sufficient to beat the cold come party morning.

The plan so far is that we do experiments down there and lunch, cake, favours and farewells are done upstairs. Besides the advantage of any spills or explosions landing on the concrete floor, there is the added advantage that there will be space for me to have a station for each little Scientist. But my favourite idea is that the girls will arrive at our front door, but have to go downstairs to “Zara’s Secret Lab”, which has it’s own entryway complete with “restricted access” signs.

Our garage has metal shelves set up already, so by me moving a few things around, I am going to be able to put up some “Caution” and “Radioactive” signs on old paint drums and storage boxes.

I will also be adding in some props like glass vases filled with coloured water, some tulips in these “bubbling” vases I found at IKEA, science books, beakers, bell jars and even a resident lab rat!