Cavallini and Co. is a San Francisco based company who make beautiful vintage stationery. One of their products are sheets of decorative wrapping paper. The paper is so pretty and the designs often cover the whole paper that naturally one is inclined to want to frame and hang them. Here is an really inexpensive way to do just that – ideal for a quick update to a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. Or as is the case with Zara’s Science Party and me creating a “secret lab” in our garage for one day only.

MATERIALS: Cavallini Wrapping Paper Sheets ( 2.95USD) Wooden flat sticks (Migros Garden and Do It 2.95chf), Twine, Scissors and Sticky Tape.

DIRECTIONS: For a portrait image you only need one pre-cut wooden stick from Migros, as when cut it half it perfectly fits the top and bottom of the vintage paper. Attach to the top and bottom of the paper with sticky tape (or glue for a more permanent solution). the wooden is soft so pierce with scissors a hole to the left and right of the top stick. Thread through string and tie a knot each side. Ready to hang!