At the end of every season, Migros Garden and Do It have a sale and they always set up some „Crazy Bins“ as I like to call them. Basically it is a few rows of box shaped bins stacked on top of one another and each bin contains an item for sale usually beween 1 and 5 chf. The goodies are nothing fancy, but often I find something useful and for the past two years I have hunted these bins for party favours or craft goodies.

This year, just in time for Zara’s Science Party, I found little plastic pouches filled with miniature plastic bottles and jars. The sets one would buy for decanting your toiletry essentials when one needs to take them as carry on.

These sets proved to be ideal to make up little Science Experiment Kits for all the guests. Here is what I included and a list of the Experiments you can do with such a mini kit. Maybe something you want to make for own kids or for a great DIY gift?


Push Pins (put a few in a jar)

Confetti (put in a jar)

Food Colouring (came in it’s own tube)

Salt (came in it’s own satchet)

Baking Powder (came in it’s own satchet)

Glitter (came in it’s own bottle)

Vinegar (poured some into one of the mini bottles)

Oil (poured some into one of the mini bottles)

Dish Soap (poured some into one of the mini bottles)

Ear bud (added to the pouch)

Balloons (added to the pouch)

Pen/Pencil (added to the pouch)

Notebook (added to the pouch)


  1. Balloon Push Pin Experiment
  2. Balloon Confetti Experiment
  3. Balloon Gas Experiment
  4. Memory Game
  5. Density of Matter
  6. Erupting Volcano
  7. Lava Lamp
  8. Rainbow Milk

ADDITIONAL GOODIES NEEDED Water Bottle(s) (both the water and the bottle will be needed), Milk (for the Rainbow Milk Experiment) and a Shallow dish