Today, for the Science party I did some Menu planning. The party is from 11 to 2pm, and therefore I will be giving the girls lunch. Here is how the menu is looking so far:

Drinks – We will have on offer both Water with Gas and Water Without Gas. I had to use “gas” instead of sparkling or still – as this is a Science Party after all. The girls will be taking a bottle of Coca Cola home for the “Mentos Experiment” so I have left the fizzy drinks for there.

Snacks – There will be the usual chips, popcorn and cookies – but we have renamed these to be Microchip Cookies!

Lunch – We’re having pizza, but on Pinterest I saw that they take ham and place this on top in three triangles pointing to the centre where an onlive is placed, so it looks like Radio Active pizza!

Dessert – Zara had a look online and found the cake she liked best, so the girls will be having this in addition to some sweets that look like atoms, protons, neutrons etc. And I am keen to add some candyfloss to the top of some beakers to look like gas is coming out!

And one of our Experiments will include making petri dish jelly too – but I will be sharing more about all the experiments soon.