The Yu Yuan Gardens in Shanghai is actually a combination of a bustling market place with historic style, a zig zag bridge and a beautiful landscaped garden.

Yu Yuan Garden means Garden of Happiness and it is easy to see why. The location has a wonderful mix of things to make you happy. It is believed that the location dates back more than 400 years to the Ming Dynasty and at times it does feel as though you are going back in time, especially with pagoda style buildings.

The famous Shanghai zig zag bridge, known as the Jiu Qu Bridge is a nine turn bridge crossing a lotus pool with many fish and birdlife, and crossing the bridge is said to bring good luck!

Just beyond the bridge is the actual entrance to the Yu Gardens, first created in the late 1500s, repaired and reopened in 1961 they were declared a national monument in 1982 and now they provide a place of tranquility from the city.


The overall inner gardens are around 20,000 square metres and a fantastic piece of historic greenery filled with wonderful flora and fauna, a collection of hall buildings and the Great Rockery.