On Sunday it was South African Heritage Day and we had friends over for a “braai”! Liam was travelling the week before via South Africa so I was lucky he was able to pick up lots of SA treats via OR Tambo airport in Johannesburg and buy the key ingredients for Peppermint Crisp Pudding. It is a divine dessert; the only problem being you do need these specific ingredients, so if you are travelling to SA or knw someone who is put in your request for these goodies!

1 packet tennis biscuits
1 can caramel treat
2 cup fresh cream
200g Peppermint Crisp chocolate bars – grated

1. Place the tennis biscuits in rows at the bottom of your desired dish, ensuring that the bottom of the dish is covered.
2. Place the caramel in a mixing bowl and mix until smooth.
3. In a separate mixing bowl, whisk the cream until stiff peaks form, being careful not to over-whip.
4. Add the whipped cream and 150g of the grated peppermint crisp chocolate to the caramel and combine well.
5. Spread a generous amount of the mixture over the tennis biscuits and spread evenly.
6. Add another layer of tennis biscuits and caramel mixture and continue this process untill your dish is full.
7. Sprinkle the remaining peppermint crisp over the top and place in the fridge for 1 hour to set.
8. Serve with a dollop of cream or as desired.