I love rugs but have usually limited them to specific zones: living rooms and bedrooms. Over time I have included them under our dining room table and then having weather resistant ones in our outdoor living and dining rooms. Lately, though I have seen then popping up in places I would never usually have envisioned them: kitchens and bathrooms. I immediately think of these being ruined with water and stains but after spotting these vintage persian ones in just about all of the “interior designers I follow” rooms, I knew that I may just have to follow suit.

As luck would have it, I was at IKEA the other day and they were having there up to 70% sale and there in the “old display stock” section was a stunning rug for 60% off. It didn’t take me long to pop it into my trolley and I can’t wait to lay it down in our kitchen. The space is completely fill of hard and smooth surfaces and in neutral whites and blues – so I can see why runner rugs are sought out for kitchen and bathrooms adding in some much needed texture and colour without the commitment.