One of Liam’s pet hates and after seeing the movie Along Came Polly with it’s stabbing pillow scene, I think all men are in agreement: too many scatter cushions on the bed are the worst! But I have to say two/four standard pillows on a king bed do look very sad. However, Emily Henderson has the answer: the long lumbar pillow. So instead of having lots of little square or rectangle or even round cushions in front of your sleeping pillows, you have one long impressive one. It looks so much better and at night and will be so much easier to get into bed at night and make the bed in the morning!



Emily shared some great sites where you can buy such cushions, but as these are all US and I have yet to see some in Switzerland, I decided I am going to make my own. I haven’t made them up yet, but here is a sneak peek at some of the pretty fabric I bought from Rifle Paper Co and then I will make up my own inner cushions and use the stuffing from old pillows.