I never really seem to get Spring Cleaning 100% done, and so the first week of the holiday and the end of a school year was a good time for the girls and I to do a Big Clean Up. We ended up throwing away ALL of their old school books (right back to Kindergarten) but all the best art and notes were either photographed or stuck into their memory books. We filled 6 bags ready to be recycled!

Some of Zara’s Grade 4 Art

I had already done their closets in the Spring, but I’m glad we did a run thorugh again, as we decided on another two bags full of clothes to donate.

Last but not least, we ventured to their games and toy cupboard. We negotiated to keep the soft toys for now, but any games or puzzles that they haven’t played with for a year had to go. It was a good compromise.

But what I really need to do is make headway in our garage and storeroom, but for now let me just get all of teh above to the Okihof!