The Christmas Concert the Girls’ School did was so original this year! They held an Open Air Concert on the Zugerberg where they set up 5 different stations from the Aula to the School Chapel and at each one they sang a different German Christmas Carol and in between a story all about the search for the Star of Bethlehem. It was the perfect setting, what with all the fallen snow, albeit a little bit chilly but it could easily have been so much worse!

Afterwards, we all enjoyed a three course Christmas dinner in the school dining hall and it was so beautifully decorated with their lit up Christmas tree and I love how they decorated the entrance tables with a red runner, lots of candlelight, mandarins, chocolates, nuts and Germam cookies. (Naturally, these decorations “disappeared” through the course of the evening!). What a great way to celebrate the season with our “School Family”!