Kristin of Simple Family Travel nominated me for fun to post about Five Fun Facts About Me. Well here goes – and you can check out hers here.


1. I’m a twin. My sister Christine and I were never mixed up when we were little but now it is quite amusing to go back home and have strangers come up to me and hug me when I’m at the shops.

2. When I meet new people they are surprised to hear I was a Chartered Accountant. Hopefully, it means they think I am fun and interesting now!

3. Our house finally feels like a home now that we have pets: Emma and Ella (twin ragdolls). I didn’t realise how much I missed having a cat and now I can’t imagine not having one (or two… seriously tempted for a third).

4. When we first lived in Switzerland, I hated it! We lived in Zurich for two years (though I spent most of time working in Geneva), went back to South Africa for two years and then came back to Zug. Fortunately, Swiss 2.0 is amazing!

5. I am obsessed with IKEA. My friends think I only just say that, but I go at least once or twice a month and when we decided to move back to Switzerland it was listed as a Pro on my Pro/con list – I kid you not!

Look how much Emma loves me!