I was in Migros the other day, and I hardly ever visit the herb and spice aisle, largely because I only really buy and use these items when called for by a recipe. So I am not exactly sure why I was there, but I was plesantly surprised by their new Le Chef Swiss “Cantonal Range”. The makers behind the range have combined different types of herbs and spices inspired by the regions of Switzerland and their cuisine; and named them accordingly.


I am a total sucker for this type of “story” and bought all the different canton named spices and I will be sharing them as and when I use them. The first I tried is the Valais one and it is the perfect addition to any traditional mountainous, winter meal and you know what that means: raclette or fondue.

I didn’t make either of these as I am still recovering from our “Fondlette” or “Randue” evening (I still have to share this drama!), but I can assure you that it is the perfect seasoning for grilled cheese on toast. And who says I can’t cook like the Swiss!