Did you know Edelweiss fly direct to Bodrum, Turkey? Whenever I am planning to visit a new country I first check out their destinations. Edelweiss is the best in that they predominantly fly to holiday destinations, all flights are direct and if you plan early they have great Economy Saver ticket prices. Not only was Bodrum a quick flight but exactly where we wanted to go as 30 minutes away is one of the Ancient Wonders of the World and another two and a half hours away, a second! But more about those in another post.

After booking our flight, I started looking at hotels and via Google I found out that the Mandarin Oriental Group has a hotel in Bodrum and wow! what a hotel it was. Liam has even suggested that I need to revisit all our future hotel bookings as their rooms are all in fact mini residences: bedrooms, bathrooms, even a proper lounge and kitchen! We were only staiyng three nights but this is definitely something I will keep in mind if we will travel and stay in a hotel for a long period of time; especially as now Zara no longer falls into the “kids” category and so we have to book two rooms anyway.

The hotel resort has so many great facilities, too many to mention but highlights included the beautiful private beach on the Med., the large infinity pool and the surprise tasting menu by French Chef Arnaud Dunand Sauthier (we thought we were just going to the Italian restaurant). Honestly, the only thing wrong was that we didn’t have enough time to enjoy the spa, the Japanese restaurant, the Kids/Teen Club and the watersports. Next time for sure!