One of the “Things you Must Do” in Vienna is tour one of their many beautiful palaces. We decided to visit the Schoenbrunn Palace. But as soon as we arrived we realised that this is the same thing everyone decided to do that day. The queue was insane! But luckily a lady saw us waiting with our girls and she gave us the best suggestion ever. As part of the Palace to the right hand side of the building is in fact a seperate entrance and this is the Chrislredn Musuem which has it’s own tour and ticket office. Score!

Tise museum is brilliant and perfectly designed for little ones but to be honest I secretly think Lianm and I enjoyed it just as much as the girls if not more. The first thing you do when you arrive is walk into a large open room where there are cupboards and chests of dress up clothes. But these are serious outfits, just like the ones that the royal ladies and gentlemen used to wear; but altered so they are easy to put on and take off. But that is not all, there are accessories like fans and gloves and our favourite: wigs. Serious over the top poofy ones!

Once you are all kitted out you move to the area where they have set up awesome backdrops: from the gardens of the Palace to the chairs in the Throne Room. Here we are having the best time ever.

Eventually after an hour, we “undressed” and headed into the actual museum. Here you got to walk through the real rooms that the Royal children used to eat, play and sleep in. My favourite was the princess’s room, Bailey loved their dining room as they had set up a whole banquet of play food and you could dine like royalty and Zara loved her dressing room as you could play “hairdresser, hair dresser” and braid the hair of wigs and decorate with pretty ribbons and feathers.

After our tour inside, we headed outdoors to the gardens, but it was FREEZING! However, I did get to capture the best shot of the whole trip: Zara giving Bailey the fright of her life when she walked out the guard tower!

We would have stayed longer especially at the Winter Christmas Market next door, but after having a quick shop around, buying hot orange punch (in awesome souvenir mugs) and giant pretzels – we were frozen to the bone and made our way back to our hotel.