My most memorable moment in Vienna was our dinner at Meissl & Schadn. The restaurant was located alongside the lobby of our hotel Grand Ferdinand and after a long first day of sightseeing and shows, the girls and I headed in to the restaurant for a late dinner. And it was everything you would want in a restaurant and a true Wiener Schnitzel. Not only was the dish perfect in everyway: crispy on the outside, succulent on the inside and the size of your plate but all the accompanients: sliced potatoes, cucumber salad and berry sauce were delicious!


Plus, little added extras made the whole experience that much more amazing: I was taking notes about their décor: wooden mahogany café chairs, patterned tiled floors, white table linen, crystal water glasses… and Bailey was taking notes on how to make a schnitzel: you can watch step by step how they make them and if you have time you can even sign up for a class!

***** This is for sure a definite stop for me whenever I return to Vienna.