Our little ragdolls cats are turning one today. So for their first birthday, I made these little birthday invitation cards using washi tape. The simple idea is one of my favourites and was such a huge hit at the Washi Tape Workshop I did a few years ago.

MATERIALS: Blank colourful cards and envelopes (every year Tchibo have a great kit). Washi Tape (Tchibo also have great deals, but one can also get rolls all year round at COOP or Migros Garden and Do It) Yellow Tape (you may be lucky to get a yellow washi tape, but if not you can usually always find yellow painters tape). Black Marker and Scissors.

DIRECTIONS: Tear a piece of colourful or patterned washi tape for the candle and stick onto the card. Using the black marker sketch a tiny candle wick, and then cut out a little candle flame from the yellow tape and stick on top of the wick.