In 2019, I officially started my In Good Company Design Studio. It is something that has slowly evolved over time and I am hoping will continue for many years to come. I created my website and my daily blog and did over 20 different projects. Most of them were my own personal projects but I am so glad that I am 99% done with our forever home and my work studio and that only our garage and storerooms need a bit of fine tuning. And now I have lots of time to take on clients dream projects.

2019 Projects:
1. In Good Company Studio Office
2. IGC Craft Area
3. IGC Coffee Corner
4. Styling Plant Life
5. DIY Catchall Tray
6. Hunenberg House Gym
7. Hunenberg House Yoga Room
8. Styling The Spring Lounge
9. DIY Good Moms Art
10. Styling The Blue Dining Room
11. Styling The Blue Kitchen
12. Hunenberg House The Pool Deck
13. Hunenberg House Patio Dining Area
14. Hunenberg House The Wine Cellar
15. DIY Pool Ring
16. Hunenberg House Outdoor Shower
17. Hunenberg House Pool Deck
18. DIY Herb Markers
19. Hunenberg House Patio Bar Cart
20. Hunenberg House Patio Lounge
21. DIY All Day Vaycay Pool Ring
22. Hunenberg House Balcony
23. Architect Portfolio – Pool & Deck