As 2019 was our 40th birthdays, we knew 2019 was going to be a big year for Liam and I and a big travelling one as well! Our favourite thing to do is travel and we decided to plan allsorts of variations for the year. It really was the best thing about 2019 and whilst we will be taking it a lot easier in 2020 we will still definitely look to do a bit of travelling… here are a few of our 2019 highlights:

1. Australia – Yay! We swam in the Great Barrier Reef, walked around Uluru and welcomed in the New Year with the Sydney Fireworks!

2. Andermatt, Switzerland – enjoying the snow with all of Liam’s family and friends for his birthday.

3. USA – the Grand Canyon was so impressive! We loved La and Utah too.

4. Mexico – was just the best and we all agree we are going back!

5. Greece – the last of our Ancient Wonders of the World! And Greece really is just the best place to chill.

6. Neuchatel and Jura, Switzerland – the last two cantons, and now we have officially been to everyone!

7. Ibiza – so much fun celebrating Andrew’s 40th (sans kids!)

8. Mauritius – celebrating my 40th, my sister’s, Liam’s, his Dad’s 70th and my Mom’s 70th! Talk about two weeks of parties!

9. Cape Town – my official 40th birthday trip with our family’s best friends!

10. Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe – the birthday celebrations continued…

11. Japan – and Liam and I did a quick couple trip on my actual Bday to one of the most unique places on earth – and now we have to go back with the girls.

12. London, United Kingdom – so much fun celebrating a friend’s 40th, SA winning the Rugby World Cup, shopping up a storm and seeing the best play ever!

Yay! Can’t wait for 2020.